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Everything you need to know


Everything you need to know about the Reformer

Simply put, the reformer is your ride-or-die during every workout, or in other words: It’s the machine you’re working out on. It consists of two fixed platforms on each end and one moving carriage in the middle. It uses springs for assistance and resistance to achieve proper muscle length and strength in an organized way. Your first time in the Reformer can be a little shaky, but don’t worry, you’ll fall in love with it (and the way it makes you feel) soon enough.

How it works

The PLTS Reformer only works as hard as you do. By adjusting the springs you decide which resistance you’re applying for each exercise. Listen to the instructor to follow the advised settings.


You can find 6 different colored springs under your moving carriage. These can be latched onto the fixed front platform to create more assistance or resistance. For each exercise, your instructor will tell you which springs to use. The yellow springs are 1 kg, the black 2 kg, and the blue 6 kg.

Foot Straps

To keep you safe and sound on the PLTS Reformer there are two straps on the front platform and carriage. Simply stick your feet under the straps to have some more grip during some exercises.

Hand Straps & Foot Loops

At the back end of your PLTS Reformer you can find 4 different kinds of suspension straps or loops that you can either hold with your hands or wrap around your feet. You won’t believe the effect that these guys will have on you.


Some exercises require support through your arms and upper body. When this is needed simply hold on to your handlebars on either the front or back platform.

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