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General PLTS Regulations 

Safety first

Follow the directions & guidance of your trainers, and let them know about any injuries in advance. You’ve got 50 minutes to burn, sweat and sculpt, so enjoy your time in the studio.

Cancellation policy

All PLTS classes have a 12 hour cancellation policy which means you have up until 12 hours before your class time to unreserve & keep your class credit. If you cancel within 12 hours of class time, you’ll still be charged your class credit.

Please be on time

Please come in 5-10 minutes before your class begins to allow enough time to put all of your personal belongings into a locker and get set up at on the Reformer! If it’s your first class we reccommend coming 10 minutes early. Please note that we can’t let you join the class after it has started.

Grip Socks Requirement

We have an amazing range of different colour Grip Socks available to purchase at all studios - one size fits all (€15). If you’re new to PLTS they’re included in our Intro Class deal. Grip socks are mandatory for every class for hygiene and safety reasons.

Unlimited Members No Show & Cancelation Fee

As an Unlimited Member, you have the option to cancel up to 2 classes per month free of charge, (outside the 12-hour window). However, please be aware that starting from the third missed class, a fee of €10 will be charged for each late cancellation or no-show.

Is PLTS Reformer Pilates the same as traditional Reformer pilates?

Yes, we base our PLTS Reformer Pilates workouts on the core principles of traditional Reformer Pilates. However, the concept is unique to PLTS and you won’t find anything else quite like it.

Do I have to join the Intro class or can I join a regular class for the first time?

We always recommend you join the Reformer Intro Class for the first time. However, whether you attend a Reformer Intro or a Regular Reformer Pilates Class for the first time, you will always be shown the Reformer and taken care of by the instructor.

Are PLTS classes meant for all levels of fitness?

Reformer Pilates at PLTS can be attended by everyone. If you’re a beginner, it’s perfectly fine to modify and do less repetitions if needed or pause to take a breather! If you’re more advanced you can always take it up a notch during class, too. Find what works best for you and enjoy the process.

How many times a week should I work out at PLTS?

Practice makes perfect! Try to join one or two PLTS classes per week to really see and feel the results you want. If you want, you can attend as much as you like (we have members that come in almost every day). We recommend to taking your first three classes within 10 days to keep at it.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do! Before class begins, please be sure to place all of your personal belongings in lockers outside the studios or the changing rooms. You’ll find instructions on each locker on how to use it. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods that are not properly placed inside a locker.

Do the studios have showers?

Yes, PLTS Zuid studio, PLTS Oost studio and PLTS Rotterdam have showers. And there’s more! PLTS offers beautiful and clean changing rooms with lockers, fresh towels, and luxurious care products to allow you to freshen up.

I’m pregnant or recently had a baby. Can I do PLTS workouts?

PLTS classes are suited for pregnant women. It is safe all the way up until your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Always consult with your trainer if you are unsure about certain exercises. After giving birth, you are able to rejoin PLTS classes after about eight to ten weeks. However, please consult your physician before attending any of our classes during pregnancy and after giving birth!

Can I bring my child to the studio during class?

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the PLTS studios.

Is it possible to bring a friend on my account and package?

Although we know that working out can be even better with a buddy, each spot must be reserved by an individual PLTS client. You can invite a friend by using the referral link in your personal account and they will get a nice reward.

Which language are the classes taught in?

All of our classes are taught in English. We’ve got clients and trainers from all over the world and of course, everybody should feel included.

Can I take photos or use my phone during class to capture my workout moments?

We absolutely love the enthusiasm you bring to our studio and the positive energy you share on socials! However, to fully immerse in the workout and create a focused, distraction-free environment, we kindly request that cellphones be put away during class. If you'd like to record a snippet of your workout, please inform the instructor before class starts, ensuring that you only film yourself out of respect for other clients and the trainer's privacy. Let's cherish the 50- minute workout experience together and respect each other's privacy. Thank you for your understanding, keep shining.

What is the minimum age to join a PLTS Class?

While we encourage exercise from a young age, we do have an age minimum of 16 to join our classes. Attending a PLTS class is always the responsibility of the participant.