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Benefits of PLTS

Check out the physical & mental benefits of PLTS

Reformer Pilates is known to be the most effective workout for strengthening the body, sculpting the muscles, and burning calories.

Let the physical benefits of PLTS allow your body to grow stronger and boost your energy.

Physical Benefits of PLTS

PLTS has many benefits for the body.

Improve your posture and stability

The many exercises at PLTS will strengthen your core stability and give you an improved posture alignment. PLTS also lengthens and aligns the spine, which improves all aspects of stability. Especially for people who work at a desk all day, PLTS is a real game changer.

Strengthen your core

Your stabilizing muscles need to work a lot harder because of the added level of instability on the Reformer. You need to engage your core to keep your shoulders, pelvis, and spine balanced and aligned so that they can generate power through the legs. And yes, at PLTS we’ll work ALL your abdominal muscles!

Get more visible muscle tone

By joining a workout at least twice a week you’ll see a striking difference in your muscle tone and feel that your muscles are stronger, leaner, and tighter. Because you’re using so much muscle energy, you also burn lots of calories - and let’s be honest: That’s a nice bycatch, isn’t it?

Prevent and restore injuries

Pain, such as in the back or neck, caused by physical imbalances can be relieved by Reformer Pilates. During a high-intensity PLTS workout, your body will release heaps of endorphins which can act as natural painkillers. They’ll make you leave the studio feeling happy and accomplished.

Mental Benefits of PLTS

PLTS has many benefits for mind.

Improve concentration & focus

What can often be a difficult task, is quite literally a no-brainer at PLTS, namely focusing the mind. The added instability of the Reformer pretty much forces your mind to concentrate on the exercises in the present moment, empty your mind of distractions and dismiss any unwanted thoughts.

Reduce Stress & Tension

Stress hormones can get bottled up inside our bodies due to social and professional situations we find ourselves in. This can lead to muscle spasms, hypertension, poor sleep, low self-esteem, and mood swings. At PLTS the rehabilitating muscle exercises and stretches can work as destressers and can improve your wellbeing, steadiness, and comfort.

Improve Memory & Mindfulness

As opposed to other workouts, PLTS requires you to learn and remember sequences and exercises. These mindful movements enhance the creation of new brain cells, which increases your capacity to learn and memorize. This brain training technique helps mental multitasking and thus improves your memory.


It is no secret that your emotional state is often directly linked to your breath. The instructors at PLTS can teach you how to control your breathing to help you regulate the flow of oxygen to the brain. Proper breathing can help you intensify your workout, sharpen your focus, and promote stamina.