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PLTS is the leading Reformer Pilates studio concept from the Netherlands with five studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. At PLTS Strength, Condition and Balance come together in one 50-minute High-Intensity Reformer Pilates workout.


All workouts are designed in a way to fit your daily schedule and give you an energy boost to get things done throughout the day or to unwind from everyday life. Our routines intend to empower your body and mind to build a stronger YOU with each class.


From our fresh and modernist studio atmosphere and tailor-made playlists to our caring staff and outstanding instructors, we deliver a multi-sensory experience to get you into an energizing flow with your body and mind.

Innovative exercises

Our effective exercises are designed to lengthen your muscles by controlled movements and strengthen your entire body from head to toe. The result is a stronger, leaner and tighter body.

Beat-driven playlists

Our carefully curated playlists are made by DJ MissDisk and have a motivating, steady BPM. The rhythmic music is designed to help you get through a set of exercises with more fun and ease.

High-end Reformers

Our Reformers act as an extension of your body and make every workout more effective. Through the use of weights and resistance bands, your muscles get challenged leaving you feeling much stronger and healthier.

Our classes

No matter what muscle group you want to focus on, we’ve got you covered. Basically, every class is a full-body workout but sometimes you just need that extra spotlight on your core, glutes, or full-body sweat. Our focus classes will get your heart pumping to the sound of a strong, toned, and healthy body.

Reformer Intro

Try our Reformer Intro Class to get comfortable with the PLTS Reformer and exercises. This is a great starting point if you’re new to PLTS. Come to class 5-10 minutes early so that our instructors can explain how the PLTS Reformer works. During class, they’ll make sure to correct your posture and alignment during the exercises to ensure flawless execution.

Reformer Pilates

This is our signature workout: 50 minutes of beat-driven PLTS Reformer Pilates. For this class, you can expect an innovative full-body workout that focuses on building strength and toning muscles. To keep you on your toes, we’re teaching a new routine every month.

Glute Focus

Let's be honest: we don't say no to the perfect bum. So neither do say no to our Glute Focus class. The exercises in this Reformer Pilates workout have a special focus on the glutes and thighs. You better brace yourself for the burn you’ll feel during this class.

Core Focus

This full-body Reformer Pilates workout has a special focus on strengthening the core. A strong core is key for better stability, posture, and body alignment. After this class, you’ll feel much stronger and may even experience pain relief in your body.

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Burn. Sweat. Sculpt. Love.